Immigration Granulation tattoos the immigration journeys bodies have made, back onto them. Paired with Stanislava’s tattoos, are intersecting pieces of gold jewellery made by Zaiba Khan - which complete the compositions into a whole.

When skin is tattooed, it undergoes the medical process of granulation to heal itself.
Capillary vessels form into small beads, as new connective tissue forms over the wound.
Jewellers use the same granulation process in creating ornament.
Gold is heated into a capillary reaction, and the resulting beads are fused into decorative patterns and arrangements over a metal surface; a technique that has itself migrated globally.

And of course, famers have always used the granulation process in the preparation of staple foods.

Immigration Granulation considers the intersection of all three processes - with gold granulation made from staple foods, that the wearer would have eaten on their journey. Together, they alude to the physical repair and nourishment the body needs, from the way immigration journeys mark a toll on the body. The following body of work plays with the question : is the tattoo the permanent mark, while jewellery can be taken off? Or are tattoos really the temporary mark, while jewellery outlives us?

Photographed by Gavin Green.